Did your ancestors leave their footprints in St. Louis?

St. Louis Family History Research Guide is the definitive resource for St. Louis research, providing information about local repositories, available records, and numerous websites.

Due to the separation of the City of St. Louis from St. Louis County in 1876, family history research presents several challenges. Whether your ancestors lived in the City or the County they may have used either courthouse to record marriages, probate records, and wills. To aid in your search determine:

  • When did your family arrive in St. Louis?
  • What family events took place in St. Louis?
  • Did the event take place before, during, or after 1876?
  • Where did your family live at the time of each event, City or the County?

St. Louis Family History Research Guide is a practical and informative reference book that outlines research techniques and cites an extensive number of sources, some common, others unique. It illustrates how to interpret and analyze the records in relationship to the unusual history of St. Louis City and County.

Follow the footprints and find the facts relating to your St. Louis ancestors!